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Temple Beth Israel is Altoona, Pennsylvania's Reform Jewish Congregation. Founded at the turn of the last century, Temple Beth Israel has been an active part of the Altoona and greater Jewish community for nearly 100 years.
Dec 18 2014

Shabbat Katan meets for Hanukah

Our Shabbat Katan group meets at 5 PM Sunday, December 21st prior to our Hanukah dinner for songs, games and fun.Thanks to Heather Holzer and Rabbi Audrey for coordinating this event. RSVP at 942-0057.

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Audrey Korotkin

Speaking Out In and For Israel

Posted on November 29th, 2014 by Audrey Korotkin

In mid-January, the Jewish world will vote on the makeup of the next World Zionist Congress and how it uses its money and influence in the State of Israel. If you want to make your voice heard in support of Reform Zionism, pluralism, freedom of religion and respect for women and cultural minorities, here’s your chance. Pledge to vote for the slate that will represent ARZA, the Association of Reform Zionists of America. Log on to https://www.reformjews4israel.org/ and pledge your vote. You’ll later be contacted about how to register and vote.

Every vote counts toward creating a State of Israel as we wish to see it, free from religious coercion, free from gender segregation and discrimination, free to grow and prosper as a nation that is both democratic and Jewish.

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