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Temple Beth Israel is Altoona, Pennsylvania's Reform Jewish Congregation. Founded at the turn of the last century, Temple Beth Israel has been an active part of the Altoona and greater Jewish community for nearly 100 years.
Feb 29 2016

Volunteers needed for Love Feast

Temple Beth Israel will sponsor the Love Feast at Simpson Temple in Altoona on Saturday, March 12th. Call the office to volunteer for either the 9 am-noon or 11 am-2 pm shift. Thank you to Karen Allen for coordinating this event.

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Audrey Korotkin

All Who Are Hungry . . .

Posted on March 24th, 2016 by Audrey Korotkin

Now that we’ve put away our costumes (and put away a lot of hamantaschen), we turn to Passover, our z’man cheroteinu, our season of freedom. Our sages remind us at Passover: “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” We can do that in many ways. We can invite those who are less fortunate, or who are alone, to our seder tables as the Mishnah teaches us. We can make donations to groups such as “Mazon: The Jewish Response to Hunger,” which helps people across the country who struggle with hunger and food insecurity. We can donate year-round to our local Altoona Food Pantry. As we know from serving recently at the Love Feast at Simpson-Temple, we have neighbors in need just blocks from our doorstep. When others are in mitzrim (‘narrow straits,’ re

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