Temple Beth Israel

Temple Beth Israel is Altoona, Pennsylvania's Reform Jewish Congregation. Founded at the turn of the last century, Temple Beth Israel has been an active part of the Altoona and greater Jewish community for nearly 100 years.

Shabbat Shira — Friday, February 3rd at 7PM

On Friday night, February 3rd, we will join with Reform congregations across the country to introduce a wonderful new melody into our Shabbat Worship: Debbie Friedman’s “Shalom Aleichem,” composed shortly before her death. This is being done on February 3rd because it is “Shabbat Shira” – literally the Sabbath of Song, signifying the Shabbat when we read the Song of the Sea as our Torah reading. It also coincides with the first yahrzeit since Debbie’s passing.
This is a beautiful haunting melody that will add great warmth and spirit to our Shabbat worship in the future. Please click on this link to our web site. You will find out more about Debbie and her music and be able to listen to the melody and download the sheet music for it. We look forward to sharing this special music with you.


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